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We are a small, “boutique” conservative congregation located in the heart of Boca Raton. We have a beautiful building, a handicapped-accessible Sanctuary Bima, and a dynamic, innovative clergy. We offer an opportunity to make an impact for newcomers.

We take pride in our rich traditions and our dedication to fostering meaningful relationships. Whether you are a long-time resident, looking to get involved for the first time, or a regular religious service participant looking for a change in scenery, we would welcome you with open arms. Of course, snowbirds are most welcome.



Our community is centered around a small group of diverse individuals with a special focus on people in their golden years.

However, people of all ages are encouraged to join us as we come together to celebrate Shabbat and Jewish life.

rabbi Bertram Kieffer

Rabbi Hazzan Bertram Uri Kieffer served the Jewish community with distinction as a spiritual leader for over 35 years, serving congregations in Merrick, NY, Ft. Worth, TX, Lakeland, FL, Sunrise, FL, and Royal Palm Beach, FL.


He comes from a rabbinical family and has received various honors, including a Doctor of Divinity degree. As a former singer/entertainer, Rabbi Kieffer incorporates contemporary Jewish and secular music into his ministry, attracting large audiences. He has also served as Concert Chairperson for the Southeast Region of the Cantors Assembly.


Rabbi Kieffer’s passion for life is evident not only in his spiritual endeavors but also in his loving family, as he and his wife, Dianne, are the proud parents of five children, seven grandchildren, and Sheba (the cat!).

Rabbi's Message

הודעת הרב

Tekiyah! Shevarim! T’ruah! The shofar wakes us up from the summer’s lethargy to tell us that we need to shake ourselves up. Are we satisfied with who we’ve been over these past 354 days (on the Jewish calendar)? Can we do better? Do we WANT to do better?

Throughout the current Hebrew month of Elul, we read the final chapters of the Book of Deuteronomy. It’s good reading. Picture Moses, the greatest teacher and leader in the history of the Jewish people, an old man by now, sharing some last thoughts with the new generation of Jews who are about to enter the Promised Land… and enter it without him.

In a series of speeches, including parts of what later became the “Shema” prayer, he reminds them to keep together as a people. He reminds them of times in their recent history when they went off track and stumbled. He warns the people against serving false gods and he reminds them to keep observances of Sabbath and Festivals as part of their routines. And a keynote theme throughout is “V’shinantam l’vanecha v’dibarta bam” (Deut. 6: V. 7), you should teach these things to your children and make them part of what you talk about all the time.

Our Shul, Temple Beth Ami, sticks pretty close to the Hebrew meaning of our name, i.e., “The House of My People”! As a Conservative synagogue, we celebrate Sabbaths and Festivals and the laws of Kashrut are observed within our walls.

We take care of each other here. We will take in those who have fallen on hard economic times and we will love them and help them within our warm and caring Jewish community.

If you want to lead a Service or part of a Service or if you want to read a few lines from the Torah, we will encourage you in that pursuit. Several of our people chant haftarot from week to week.

As a former Cantor, I still like to sing! I personally offer musical Shabbat Friday Evening Services frequently throughout the season. Sometimes, people come up and do duets with me.

You might enjoy our Friday Evening “Pop” Services where much of the liturgy is sung to the music of Sinatra, or Tom Jones, or to musical favorites of the 60’s and 70’s!

Throughout the year, we offer many Shabbat Buffet Dinners as part of our Musical Shabbatot. These are great opportunities for shul seekers to interact with our members in a casual way and see if you like us.

You will find interesting speakers in our “Sunday Speaker Series” and we also present “Tuesdays at the Temple Lunch and Learn” programs among our adult education offerings.

There are singles programs here, bereavement groups, Mah Jongg and Canasta groups, just to name a few of our varied programs here at Beth Ami.

In any given week, it is not unusual to find members stopping in just to sit in our beautiful, intimate, arena shaped Sanctuary just to be in the presence of the Torahs and the stained glass windows. Our Sanctuary is quite unique among South Florida Synagogues.

I urge you to make a commitment this year to join a Shul. A Synagogue is the best place to express the Jewish connection you feel in your heart. Membership will open up new opportunities for you, new friendships, and a stronger commitment to the heritage of our parents and grandparents.

We invite you to come to Beth Ami and “Catch Our Spirit”!

My wife, Dianne, and I wish all of you reading this a healthy, prosperous, and sweet New Year. Shanah Tovah Um’tukah!

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