Upcoming Events

Embracing the Community:  Journey into Tradition and Uncover Exciting Upcoming Events at Beth Ami Congregation!

At Beth Ami Congregation, we extend a warm and heartfelt invitation to our cherished members and esteemed visitors, especially those who have witnessed the passage of time and hold the rich tapestry of Jewish tradition close to their hearts. Our Events Page is a window into a world of vibrant gatherings, meaningful experiences, and cherished moments that cater to the preferences and interests of our treasured older generation.

Catch Our Spirit!

Elevate your space with our exquisite Jewish Art Calendar! Each purchase not only adds a touch of beauty to your surroundings but also supports the Beth Ami Congregation. For just $23, you can own this stunning calendar, and as a token of our appreciation, your name will be included in a special gift card. We’ll take care of the postage as well. Don’t miss this opportunity to embrace art, tradition, and community all in one. Get your calendar today and help us continue our mission!

Join the Beth Ami Women’s Group, a vibrant circle of friendship and camaraderie! Our group is all about connecting women through shared experiences, including movie nights, theater outings, book discussions, museum visits, holiday celebrations, and so much more. Our inaugural meet-up promises a delightful brunch at the welcoming home of Sheryl Stern.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to build meaningful connections and create lasting memories. To become a part of our dynamic women’s group, contact us today via phone or email. We look forward to sharing many wonderful moments together!

Discover the path to connection through our upcoming Torah Class for Singles! Join us for an engaging exploration of wisdom and tradition facilitated by Michael Brofman. This unique opportunity, held on Mondays from 7-8 pm, not only enriches your understanding of the Torah but also provides a welcoming environment for singles to meet like-minded individuals. Mark your calendar for our upcoming sessions on September 11th, October 2nd, 16th, and 30th. Don’t miss out on this chance to learn, grow, and connect within our community!

Join us for a meaningful evening of unity and support at our upcoming Pink Ribbon Shabbat Service on Friday, October 13th, starting at 6:30 pm. This special occasion blends the beauty of a traditional Shabbat service with a unique healing component, where we come together to honor those affected by breast and ovarian cancer within our Jewish community. We are honored to welcome Sara Trosty Walsh LCSW as our special guest speaker, who will share her insights and wisdom. Let us join hands in celebrating strength, resilience, and hope, as we stand with the Jewish breast and ovarian cancer community during this important event.

Get ready to embrace the wisdom of the ages with our ‘Wake Up with Torah’ sessions, expertly facilitated by Michael Brofman. Join us on Shabbat Saturday mornings, beginning October 14th, from 9:00 to 9:30 am in the cozy ambiance of our library. Dive into the profound teachings and insights of Torah as we kickstart our weekends with meaningful reflection and discussion. Start your Saturdays off right with this enlightening journey through our ancient traditions.

Enrich your knowledge and engage in stimulating discussions at our upcoming Adult Education Classes this fall semester, beginning on October 19th. Join us on Thursdays at 10 am for a series of insightful sessions, led by the knowledgeable Rabbi Bert Kieffer. Best of all, there’s no charge to attend!

Week by week, we’ll delve into captivating topics that explore our heritage and traditions. In the first week, ‘Jewish History…How Come We’re Still Here?’ uncovers the secrets of our enduring presence. Week two, ‘The Whole and Nothing but the Torah,’ takes a deep dive into the heart of our sacred texts. Week three, ‘Getting More out of Prayer and the Prayerbook,’ enhances our spiritual connection, and week four, ‘Shulchan Aruch, Surprises in Jewish Law,’ unveils the intricacies of Jewish legal tradition. Mark your calendars and embark on a journey of discovery with us.